Dos grandes cambian de nombre (Tiger y Crystal)

Pues sí, a falta de leer el artículo parece que las pruebas de ADN de algunas de las especies catalogadas erroneamente se han renombrado.

Aquí podeís leerlo:

Las tiger (AKA Caridina Cantonensis Var Tiger): Caridina Mariae
Las crystal bee(AKA Caridina Cantonensis Var Crystal bee): Caridina Logemanni

Este es el Abstract del artículo:


Several atyid specimens were collected from hill streams in Guangdong Province, Southern China and Hong Kong during fieldtrips between 2004 and 2013. Some of these species, most of them also sold as ornamental pet shrimp in the international aquarium trade, proved to be new to science by morphological observation and analysis of mtDNA sequences. Three new species, Caridina logemanni n. sp., Caridina mariae n. sp. and Caridina conghuensis n. sp., all of them members of the so called Caridina serrata species group (Cai & Ng 1999) are described in detail below. Caridina tumida Wang, Liang & Li, 2008 is synonymised with Caridina venusta Wang, Liang & Li, 2008. Caridina meridionalis Wang, Liang & Li, 2008 is moved to the genus Paracaridina Liang, Guo & Tang, 1999 and synonymised with Paracaridina zijinica Liang, 2002. New records for Caridina trifasciata Yam & Cai, 2003 and Caridina serrata Stimpson, 1860 are recorded. All species are compared to their morphologically closest congeners and the phylogenetic relationships between atyid shrimps from Southern China are shown.

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